Registered childminder in Bracknell

(Easthampstead area)

Agi Payne. Childminder

Friendly child care in Bracknell

Garden Fun

A great selection of out-door fun for all ages.  

The kids love to get messy!

Walks to the park and in the forest make for fun and exercise.

About Me

Agata Payne (Agi) is a childminder in Bracknell operating from Agi’s home in Easthampstead.

She is OFSTED registered and has NCMA insurance, with several years experience in childminding. She is very dedicated to all the children she looks after, and along with her husband Trev, offers a warm and friendly welcome to them and their parents. Children feel safe and happy in our care.

We have a large garden with lots of outdoor toys and Smokey the bunny, parks nearby as well as outings to educational and leisure facilities.

If staying at home we have story time, lots of arts and crafts, messy play, colouring, singing and dancing and dress up. When playing, we make sure the children are learning, as well as having fun, with numbers and letters around the walls.

Living in Easthampstead, I offer pick-ups from South Hill pre-school, St. Michael's Primary and School House, St. Margarets and Wildridings Primary.

Plenty of Fresh Air

Messy Play

OFSTED Registered

NCMA Insured

About the Care

At a Glance

Large garden with toysHome cooked MealsClose to Parks and WalksFully QualifiedExperiencedEducational and fun toys

Breakfast Club

From 7:30am.

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OFSTED Visit Outcome

We had an OFSTED visit in May 2014 and the outcome was a rating of